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Tell us about yourself.

Hey there! My name’s Katie and I’m a 21 year old model, photographer and creative. I was born in Cronulla and moved to the beautiful Noosa Heads with my family when I was 12. Now I live between Sydney and the South Coast of NSW creating and doing things I love. Mum and dad raised me to be super outdoorsy so I love things like camping, surfing, diving… pretty much anything that involves being out in the fresh air. I also love animals and have been studying animal and marine conservation for the past two years which is pretty cool! I’ve found studying science whilst doing creative work to be really rewarding as it allows me to combine both of my interests, even though they’re vastly different. 


What do you do when you’re not modelling?

I spend a lot of time down the coast with my friends surfing, going on roadies and to my friends gigs. A majority of my friends are super talented musicians so being able to go and support them is one of my favourite things to do - they also encouraged me to pick up playing bass which I’ve been loving. I’m a huge foodie, so most of the time you’ll find my in the kitchen baking up a cake or something to give my friends. Mum and dad are both really creative people so I love painting, drawing, working with clay, and now photography. One of the reasons I love the fashion industry is for the artistic aspect behind every shoot, however as a model you’re not usually booked to give your creative input. I bought a film camera, started organising shoots and posting it on my page @kodakbykatie, and now I work with other creatives and models to create images which incorporate everyones creative flair. Being able to say I work from both sides of the lens is pretty cool too!

If you had a whole weekend off, how would you typically spend it? 

I’m very much a homebody so a weekend off usually includes sleeping in, stretching, a good cup of coffee and playing music while tinkering around the house. I mostly always bake (carrot cake, lemon meringue pie or chocolate cake to be precise) and go for a drive in the fresh air. Just taking time to unwind and listen to my body is all I need sometimes after a week of work. A swim in the ocean never goes astray as well!

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